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Dentist - Granger - Indiana

Dentist in Granger IN

Welcome to Cassopolis Dental!

Dr. Hayman a graduate of University of Detroit, has been practicing in Cassopolis since 1990.  Dr. Hayman’s philosophies and vision is to treat every patient with respect, educate, and involve them in decision making regarding their oral health.

Dr. Hayman and his team consistently make all patients feel welcome by:

  • Greeting patients in a prompt and friendly manner
  • Emergency Appointments Accepted
  • Being Sensitive to patients needs whether it is physical or emotional, even if        
  • TLC is needed
  • Timely appointments
  • Treatment clearly explained
  • Providing financial arrangements when necessary
  • Free benefit checks with first appointment

Most of the team at Cassopolis Dental has children, and children hold a special place in their hearts. “It is very exciting for us to be part of a “new little patient's” 1st dental experience.”

Please take some time to navigate through the site to become better acquainted with Dr. Hayman, his team, and the services we provide. Please call with any questions or to request an appointment.

Thank you!